Republican Math

I heard today on my electric radio machine that there are Republicans who think that now that so many Democrats have lost their elections that President Obama will have to listen to them.

Interesting to me is the fact that most of the Democrats who lost were the ones who did the most to distance themselves from the President.

So that makes the Republican expectation this: Now that all the people who ran as far away from the President as they could lost, the President has to run away from his own positions too.

That doesn’t make sense to me. Actually, it doesn’t make sense at all. (This has not been an impediment to Republican thinking in the past, admittedly.)

I am hoping that the President will tell the Congressional Republicans that he’s standing behind his positions (and that a lot of the people who stuck with him still have their seats).

A little project at 215 Henrietta

A while ago, I looked in on the upstairs ‘walk in’ closet, and noted that the (crummy) coat-rack had collapsed. There on the floor was a bunch of garments that had been hung up in there, the fallen rack and shelf, and, under all that, another pile of half-forgotten crap from when we painted the upstairs rooms.

I immediately closed the closet door and began a several-month process of hoping that that mess would somehow sort itself out on its own. There was no real expectation that anything like that would occur, but for as long as I could avoid opening that closet door again, I would be fine. I doubt very much that I’m the person who invented this strategy, nor its last practitioner. And it even worked for a while.

Eventually (and, perhaps, inevitably), I found myself thinking “Oh, I could put these things in the closet”. I suddenly remembered the mess in the closet, and it seemed unlikely that I could forget it again. At that moment I happened to be wondering what I could do with my, er, extensive collection of short-sleeved shirts during the colder months, but it could have been anything. Oh, well, time to face the music.


I went to Menard’s and bought an 8′ hanger pole, an 8′ 12×1 pine board, and four brackets. I cleared out the mess, found some studs, did some cutting, drilling and screwing, and now the closet is OK again.

Most of the mess is still spread all over the house, but I’m working on that.

Between the new windows and the new furnace jet, the house heats up quick


The ‘inside temperature’ graphs seemed a little different lately.This graph shows that it takes about 10 minutes to heat the house up by 1° Fahrenheit.

That is an awful lot faster than last October. Perhaps three times as fast, actually.

Mister Bramlett, the furnace guy, replaced the oil nozzle on the furnace this year (on spec, he claimed), and I remembered to actually ask what our furnace’s flow-rate is: 0.65 gallons per hour.

That means that it costs us about 40¢ for that 10 minutes/1° of heat. Sweet.