Farkhunda’s real offense?

As the BBC (and others) have reported, a woman in KabulAfghanistan named Farkhunda was beaten to death by a mob.

The mob was incited by an imam who accused her of burning a Koran. No evidence of this ‘crime’ was presented.

A different side of the story (which I heard in the BBC World Service this morning) is that Farkhunda had attempted to shame the imam for selling worthless charms to childless women, and that he retaliated by accusing her of the Koran burning.

IN ANY EVENT: Pakistan Afghanistan has a ways to go before I will start to take it seriously as anything more than a pretty good international cricket team.

Get your act together, Pakistan. Women are people.

Republican Math

I heard today on my electric radio machine that there are Republicans who think that now that so many Democrats have lost their elections that President Obama will have to listen to them.

Interesting to me is the fact that most of the Democrats who lost were the ones who did the most to distance themselves from the President.

So that makes the Republican expectation this: Now that all the people who ran as far away from the President as they could lost, the President has to run away from his own positions too.

That doesn’t make sense to me. Actually, it doesn’t make sense at all. (This has not been an impediment to Republican thinking in the past, admittedly.)

I am hoping that the President will tell the Congressional Republicans that he’s standing behind his positions (and that a lot of the people who stuck with him still have their seats).