Scanning Ens./Lt. J.G. Peter DeNormandy Headly’s old documents

This was his Navy accident notification form from the 16th of May, 1955. He was still listed as being married to Joan S. Headly (the mother of Glenne A. Headly, the late film and stage actress of some note).

As far as I know, every person named on this document has died, so I figure that confidentiality is no longer an issue.

Of interest (to me, anyway) is the fact that he listed Dennison Rusinow (misspelling the name as Russinow) as the fellow who would be responsible for inventorying his effects. Rusinow was a fellow Naval Intelligence Ensign of his (apparently) who had been a Rhodes Scholar and went on, after his similarly brief Naval Intelligence career, to be the United State’s leading expert on Tito’s Yugoslavia and a Professor the the University of Pittsburg.

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  1. Eleanor Holmes says:

    My mother dated Peter Headly. I found this when I googled his name and Naval rank.

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