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Bernie Sanders lost in Michigan when he was up against a man

Michigan, where I am from and where I live (and vote), chose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in 2016, and everyone wondered what was wrong with the Clinton campaign. Michigan chose Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton (by far less … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to us

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Nikon D700 CHA (CHR) error fix I figured out

I bought a (well) used D700 off eBay recently. The original seller reported frustration with CF Card errors, which probably saved me $150 on the price. The camera, once I got it, seemed OK, but was having a lot of … Continue reading

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Hitchcock knew from scary pedophiles, apparently

From the Alfred Hitchcock section of “The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes” 7 (Though at the time he was still a church-going Catholic, Hitchcock’s attitude may be illustrated by this anecdote.) Driving through a Swiss city one day, Hitchcock suddenly … Continue reading

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NYT Crossword dad-jokes

Um, ha ha?

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Simon Cowell is invited, by me, to go to hell

Please never watch another episode of “America’s Got Talent” this year.

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