Simon Cowell is invited, by me, to go to hell

Please never watch another episode of “America’s Got Talent” this year.

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Scottie Nell Hughes is a horrible person.

I had no idea she was so terrible, what as I have never watched much cable news.

She was invited on to the first hour of The Diane Rehm show this a.m., but I don’t know why; it was supposed to be about journalism, and she demonstrated that she’s no journalist.

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Happy Thanksgiving, y’all

A holiday tradition

A holiday tradition

We had Joanna’s parents and aunts over. It was nice

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A drawing of Florence’s Sagrestia Nuova & environs I did in 1997

Sagrestia Nuova & environs drawing 1997
After taking this (mediocre) pic of it, I framed it and presented it to Manfredo, the manager of the Pensione La Scaletta in Florence (which is now the Hotel La Scaletta, and probably more expensive).

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First snowfall; November 20, 2016

The temperature got up to 70º Fahrenheit on the previous day.

And there was a thunderstorm.

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A fresh start

The old blog had gotten a little stale. Check here for new content soon.

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